The Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (OCAG)
Recruitment Process
Fulfilment Rate
CPSA Compliance
Project Summary:

Conscia have been working with OCAG since 2021 holding responsibility for the delivery of effective, efficient, fair, and transparent recruitment and selection processes for all OCAG Campaigns with 100% campaign delivery (100% fulfilment track record).

Conscia Input

Conscia supply Fixed Term and Temporary Agency Staff and Recruitment Services for recruitment and selection of candidates at a professional and senior level for OCAG.  The scope of requirements that Conscia deliver for OCAG are vast, including the following.

  • Conduct market surveys to provide strategic insight into the most advantageous time of the year to carry out competitions for the roles required.
  • Conduct labour market analysis on OCAG’s pay scale.
  • Searching & headhunting – exploring prospective candidates for OCAG’s database, other sources, and/or headhunting to match the skills and qualifications required by the specific job description.
  • Advertising – advertise and promote the competition, assisting with the development of a competency-based application form and organising the provision of an online application facility.
  • Identifying – analysing profiles and identify the ones who match the position profile.
  • Shortlisting –share the shortlist of an agreed with OCAG number of the most qualified prospective candidates to OCAG for final interviews and selection. If any of the shortlisted candidates do not meet the hiring manager’s expectations OCAG may ask for additional candidates to be added to the shortlist.
  • Conscia coordinate and setup interview appointments with OCAG’s hiring panel and hiring manager.
  • Conscia advise the successful and non-successful candidates of the outcome.
  • We carry out reference and professional background checks on the successful candidate and gather information for Garda clearance.
  • Conscia will undertake reviews under Section 7 or 8 of the CPSA Code of Practice for Appointment to Positions in the Civil Service and Public Service, if required.
  • We maintain evidence which may be subject to inspection under the Offices’ ISO 27001 accreditation.
Project Results:
100% Fulfilment Rate
100% CPSA Compliance

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