The Health & Safety Authority (HSA)
Recruitment Process
Fulfilment Rate
CPSA Compliance
Project Summary:

Conscia built a working relationship with the HSA and have been responsible for delivering effective, efficient, fair, and transparent recruitment and selection processes for all HSA Campaigns with 100% campaign delivery (100% fulfilment track record).
Conscia manage multiple recruitment campaigns in parallel, including scheduling and delivery of all stages of the process up to and including pre-employment checks for the HSA.

Conscia Input

We have outlined the recruitment functions offered to the HSA below.

  • Assisting with drafting of job descriptions, person specification and production of candidate information booklet.
  • Management of the application process, including placing of relevant advertisements (all media forms including social) as agreed with the Authority and to assist in the preparation of material for inclusion in the Public Appointments Service website.
  • Responding to all candidate queries and timely acknowledgment of all applications received.
  • Screening of all candidates including verification of eligibility criteria (educational qualifications, experience, driving licence, eligibility to work in Ireland, etc.) as agreed with the Authority.
  • Initial shortlisting of all candidates based on criteria agreed with the Authority.
  • Conducting first round interviews for all shortlisted candidates and based on relevant criteria determining number of candidates deemed suitable for final stage interview.
  • Scheduling of final round interviews and provision of interview packs including all relevant documentation. Provision of note taker at interviews and interview chairperson as required.
  • Use of Conscia premises or alternative venues as required for interviews.
  • Conducting psychometric testing and other assessment tests (such as report writing) as required and provision of comprehensive report to the Authority.
  • Carrying out reference checking, assisting with arrangements for pre-employment medicals and Garda vetting.
  • Assistance with the offer process/contract of employment as agreed with the client.
  • Keeping candidates informed of progress of their application and prompt closing out of all stages of the recruitment campaign.
  • Conducting all campaigns in accordance with the Code of Practice for Appointment to positions in the Civil and Public Service and ensure delivery of a fair, effective, and efficient recruitment and selection process.
  • Provision of final report including statistical data to the Authority at conclusion of the process.

In addition to this we offer the HSA expert advice in relation to public sector recruitment and completely contract management the recruitment process as detailed below.

  • Overseeing all aspects of the delivery of the services.
  • Overall responsibility for a good working relationship with the HSA.
  • Providing regular reports on performance as agreed with the HSA.
  • Meeting as and when required to review and examine performance, outcomes, and evaluation for the HSA.
  • Dealing with disputes, complaints or concerns that cannot be adequately resolved.

Proactively discussing with the HSA ways of improving efficiency regarding service delivery in general and providing suggestions for improvement and cost savings.

Project Results:
100% Fulfilment Rate
100% CPSA Compliance

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