The Heritage Council
Recruitment Process
Fulfilment Rate
Average Time of hire
Total Savings
Project Summary:

Conscia built a working relationship with the Heritage Council in 2021 and since we have been responsible for delivering effective, efficient, fair, and transparent recruitment and selection processes for all Heritage Council Campaigns with 100% campaign delivery (100% fulfilment track record).

Conscia Input

Conscia has managed the recruitment of the Heritage hires at grades analogous to civil service grades of higher executive officer (4) and executive officer (2).

Conscia manage all phases of the recruitment cycle and to ensure that it complies with Heritage Council and relevant public sector policies and guidelines for the recruitment of staff.

The services include:

  • Advertising positions and dealing with all correspondence and queries in relation to the posts
  • Supporting a shortlisting procedure
  • Scheduling interviews and issuing all relevant correspondence to candidates
  • Managing the interview process and ensuring all interviewers are provided with relevant material and pre- interview briefings
  • Managing the administration of the interview process including ensuring that the evaluation of candidates is carried out in accordance with relevant guidelines and that proper records are kept
  • Acting as an independent interviewer on the selection panel
  • Managing all post interview correspondence and queries, including reference checking and garda clearance where necessary

Ensuring all material from the process is managed appropriately and a final file is provided to the Heritage Council which can be made available for review by auditors if required.

Project Results:
100% Fulfilment Rate
100% CPSA Compliance

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