Recruitment Process
InsurTech Private
Fulfilment Rate
5 weeks
Average Time of Hire
$ 1,000,000
Total Savings
Project Summary:


Fairmatic, one of the world’s fastest-growing InsurTech companies, needed to establish an effective and robust recruitment process, and in 2020 began working with Consica to rapidly grow their team whilst operating in ‘stealth mode’.

From 2020-2023, Conscia provided world-class recruitment and executive search services for Fairmatic across many different geographies and time zones including the US, UK, Portugal & Poland.  Our focus was on reducing and managing recruitment costs without compromising on quality, whilst ensuring that at all times we provided top class talent.

InsurTech, is a rapidly growing & exciting field. The main goal of the sector is to modernize and simplify the insurance industry through software applications, online platforms, and other tech-based tools and solutions.

Our comprehensive services covered everything from sourcing and screening candidates, conducting background checks, arranging interviews, negotiating offers & streamlining onboarding. As an extension of the Fairmatic team we handled the entire recruitment journey, allowing Hiring Managers focus on their core business.

Conscia Input


Fairmatic, founded in 2019 and operating in Stealth Mode until August 2022, followed the typical route for US start-ups. This temporary state of secrecy meant that during the recruitment process, no employer branding was visible to the public, and Conscia worked under the radar while still being able to attract and recruit top talent.

As a start-up, Fairmatic needed a fast-paced and efficient recruitment process to build a strong and well-rounded team. Conscia was faced with high-volume recruitment in terms of roles and the number of applicants.

Fairmatic operates as a remote-first business with employees in a number of different countries. This setup necessitated remote interviews, working in different time zones, remote onboarding, and varying jurisdictions.



We have access to significant international networks that contribute to our Executive Campaign Management Approach which ensures a robust talent pool with the finest national and international talent available.  As their dedicated, outsourced hiring team, Conscia managed Fairmatic’s recruitment processes from beginning to end. This included all recruitment  campaigns, longlisting, shortlisting, and collaboration with each hiring manager to ensure accurate hiring requirements are met.

Conscia provided two dedicated recruiters to Fairmatic and integrated into their internal HR function, acting as their  internal hiring team. At times of rapid growth for Fairmatic, we scaled our capacity, downweighting again as necessary to meet recruitment needs.  Conscia’s dedicated Fairmatic Talent Lead, oversaw the Executive Search function and managed the open campaign processes, whilst our recruitment support and administration team oversaw all aspects of process implementation and communications with clients and candidates.

As part of our value-added services, Conscia developed a clear and unequivocal “Employer Value Proposition” for Fairmatic, aimed at attracting and retaining the right talent, and we made it a priority to keep Fairmatic’s culture at the forefront of each hiring process.




Savings & Costs: Our flat-fee retainer model which is tailored for each client’s requirements meant that Fairmatic could budget exactly for their recruitment needs and achieved savings exceeding $1 million over three years.

Fulfillment Rate & Onboarding: Conscia boasts a fulfillment rate of 98% with Fairmatic, having successfully placed and onboarded over 55 new hires globally since March 2020.

Bespoke Hiring Process: Our bespoke approach to Executive Search Strategy and Reactive Recruitment Management embodied Fairmatic’s core values: Trust, Transparency & Tenacity.

Our approach ensured that only the best and most suitable candidates were brought in for interview, maintaining an exceptional campaign delivery and fulfillment track record.


Below are just some of the of positions that we have filled for Fairmatic throughout the world:

  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Customer Success
  • Project Manager, Operations
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • Actuary
  • Broker Relationship Managers
  • Underwriters
  • Head of Operations
  • MGA Accountant
  • Data Scientist
  • Experience Manager, Claims
  • Head of Underwriting


“The impact that the person experiences with that first introductory interview can take a person from mildly interested in the role to ‘I want to work for them’. Both you (Donald) and Dearbhla were warm, bubbly and transparent. It piqued my interest even more. This energy was carried through the whole process, it was unstuffy, engaging, informative but relaxed” – Sonja Monroe

Project Results:
$1,000,000+ Total Savings
98% Fulfilment Rate
Average Time to Hire 5 Weeks
55 Employees Onboarded since March 2020

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