The name ‘Conscia’ comes from the Latin ‘Confidant’.

Welcome to Conscia, where over 50 years of commercial recruitment expertise meets a steadfast commitment to your business’s success and happiness. Our dedicated team, deeply experienced and genuinely caring, is committed to delivering exceptional service. We specialize in talent attraction and retention, offering end-to-end recruitment solutions, employer brand consultancy, and recruitment process outsourcing.  

We’re more than just a service provider; we’re your partner in fostering a ‘Work Happy’ environment. 

Why ‘Work.Happy’…

‘Work. Happy’ stems from our founders’ realisation that traditional recruitment was often transactional and joyless. With extensive backgrounds in top commercial recruitment firms and Fortune 500 companies, they saw the need for a change.  

At Conscia, we prioritize relationships over transactions, aiming for a work culture that’s not only productive but also genuinely happy and fulfilling for all. We’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure every partnership and process we undertake not only succeeds but also brings delight and satisfaction to clients, candidates and our own team alike.

‘Work. Happy’ isn’t just a phrase; it’s our commitment to you. We’re here to go the extra mile, ensuring that every interaction and partnership is not only successful but also a joyous and fulfilling journey for everyone involved.

Our mission is to guide businesses toward their ultimate potential. We integrate your unique brand personality into your employer value proposition, attracting and retaining the finest talent in the market. It’s not just about filling roles; it’s about creating partnerships that catalyse growth and success. 


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