The Key Role of RPO in Empowering Overstretched HR Departments 

15 Aug 2023
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The Key Role of RPO in Empowering Overstretched HR Departments 
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Over the last number of years, the role of Human Resources (HR) has grown exponentially. According to the 2023 ‘Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders’ report by technological research and consulting firm Gartner, there’s a shift towards strategic initiatives such as employee experience, organizational design, and change management, and much less focus on administrative tasks. 

However, as businesses grow and scale, the resources available to HR teams often don’t keep pace with their expanding remit, leading to a stretched workforce and diluted focus.  

One aspect that often particularly suffers from this refocus, is recruitment, which is an integral yet time-consuming part of the HR function.  

Lack of attention to recruiting can have all kinds of knock-on effects, from diminished morale amongst overstretched employees to candidate drop-offs due to slow, protracted processes.  

Trend towards Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

The solution to this increasingly lies in ‘subcontracting’ this job role to an expert agency, a function called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).   

An 18.2% growth in the global RPO sector over the next five years has been predicted by global intelligence agency SkyQuest in their 2023 Global RPO Insights paper, reflecting the increasing recognition of RPO benefits among businesses. This trend is being driven by a need to concentrate on other key business functions,  reduce time to fill critical roles, and achieve cost reductions overall. 

Time Saving 

Unlike many HR departments, RPO service providers are equipped with the latest technology and tools for sourcing and assessing candidates, positioning them at the forefront of the recruitment sector. This access to expert skills and innovative tools helps to streamline the recruitment process, slashing in-house admin and freeing up time and resources for HR teams. 

Cost Efficiency 

The efficiency and expertise that RPO providers bring to the table also have a tangible impact on the bottom line. By outsourcing recruitment, businesses can achieve substantial cost savings. This comes from eliminating the need for in-house recruitment resources and reducing the financial impact of prolonged vacancies. Additionally, the improved quality of hire achieved through expert RPO services can lead to reduced turnover, further contributing to cost savings in the long term. 

A Partner to Help you Grow 

RPO is not just a quick fix for overstretched HR departments, instead the right Agency should be a trusted strategic partner in growth. And with the predicted progress of the RPO sector, it is evident that an increasing number of businesses recognise its value and the competitive advantage it offers.  

By bringing efficiency, expertise, and cost-effectiveness to recruitment, and embedding themselves as an ‘in-house’ hiring team, RPO providers are positioned to play a vital role in supporting the evolution of HR functions in a scaling business. 

In an era where HR is expected to be more strategic and impact-driven, RPO is the ally that enables HR leaders to maintain their focus and achieve their goals. 


If you want to discuss how Conscia’s RPO team can help you as an extension of your company’s recruitment and HR function, reduce your costs, increase the quality of talent and reduce the time-to-hire, get in touch with Joanne today at  

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