Harness the Power of Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Your High-Growth Company 

1 Aug 2023
2 min read
Harness the Power of Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Your High-Growth Company 
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In the realm of scaling businesses one aspect that is undeniably crucial yet often challenging is recruitment. If you’ve found yourself buried under the weight of hiring– a magic formula named Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) exists.

It’s an innovative, efficient and very cost-effective solution that can ease the pain of recruitment, creating a seamless and stress-free experience for both you and potential recruits. It’s the heart of our ConsciaOne service that clients such as Failte Ireland, Fairmatic and Garten Technologies have all reaped benefit from.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or sometimes “Talent as a Service” (TaaS), is an arrangement where an external organization collaborates with you to take full responsibility for your company’s recruitment process.

This can include design, media selection and advertising, sourcing / headhunting, long and shortlisting, interviewing, pre-employment checks, all associated admin, onboarding, or just a few of these elements.

We provide all of these services at Conscia – but what sets us apart from many others is that for us, it’s not just about filling vacancies. We take a holistic approach that optimises the entire recruitment framework to align with your company’s unique needs, culture, and objectives meaning we act as an embedded part of your team.

How your fast-growing company can reap the benefits of using Conscia’s service.

Speeding up the recruitment process

In the bustling environment of a high-growth company, time is at a premium. There’s often not enough time in the day to do your core job, never mind thinking about starting a recruitment process and all that involves! Conscia have a vast network, dedicated tools, and professional expertise that streamlines the hiring process. We can quickly find top-tier talent, ensuring your team grows in tandem with your ambitions.

Access to the very best talent

Our experts are champions at talent acquisition, and as specialist recruiters should be staying tuned to the latest trends and developing methodologies to attract the best talent. ConsicaOne’s expertise and reach means that we can seek out the right people for your team, no matter where in the world they are, placing A-players who can drive your company forward.


You may think outsourcing sounds pricey, but for recruiting, this method can be an incredibly cost-effective solution. It reduces the expense of maintaining an in-house recruitment team, job board fees, or using agencies on a ‘per job’ percentage approach.


The ConsciaOne way offers you a dedicated team of professionals working strategically to fill your positions. With a range of ‘flat fee’ packages starting from just €2k per month, it’s one less cost to forecast – and there are no scary placement fees racking up.

As your high-growth company shoots for the stars, partnering with Conscia can help ensure you have the right team in place for the journey.

Whilst it’s not the right solution for all companies, we’d love to explain more and see if our ConsciaOne service might be the answer to your needs.

Drop us a line today at to have an initial chat, or to arrange a coffee.

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