Recruitment Process
Fulfilment Rate
5 weeks
Average Time of Hire
$ 602,500
Total Savings
Project Summary:

Conscia provide end-to-end Recruitment and Selection services to pioneering U.S. InsurTech Fairmatic. Our bespoke approach to Executive Search Strategy and Reactive Recruitment Management encompasses the companies core values; Trust, Transparency & Tenacity to bring only the best and most suitable candidates to hire with a 100% campaign delivery and fulfilment track record.

Conscia Input

Below is a summary of the services provided to Fairmatic.

  • Search Strategy Development: Understanding the client, defining their business needs, preparing a profile of demands and requirements, determining the correct search strategy for the role.
  • Market Research:  Use of direct observation, market knowledge, essential requirement analysis, operational data intelligence, stakeholder interviews/surveys, internal polling and external focus group facilitation to develop a concise and accurate representation of Essential Criteria to establish ‘Best Fit’ ideal candidature.
  • Advertising: Construction, execution and management of a marketing and advertising campaign.
  • Direct Sourcing/ Headhunting: Talent location and acquisition across a variety of platforms including but not limited to; LinkedIn, C.V Library, Indeed, industry specific job boards and social media.
  • Reactive Application Management: Real time analysis of candidates C.V’s and provision of feedback.
  • Access to Our Extensive Candidate Networks: Access to our pool of 22,000 high-quality candidates from previous campaigns, stored in compliance with GDPR within our Bullhorn ATS.
  • Screening and Shortlisting:  Holding virtual screening sessions with candidates and preparing a confidential report to identify the best-fit candidates and draft a shortlist.
  • Interviews: Assisting in the selection of best-suited candidates against essential criteria, scheduling and facilitating interviews.
  • Feedback: Obtaining interview feedback from the client and delivering to the candidate in a timely manner. Managing all queries and challenges.
  • Onboarding: Supporting contract negotiations, reference checking and networking with finalist candidates until starting date and beyond.
  • Consulting: Advising on Recruitment and Retention Strategy
  • EVP: Assisting in the development of Employee Value Proposition to support talent acquisition and establish the client’s brand in a highly competitive market.
  • Campaign Review and Process Improvement: Collating data and providing a summary report after the completion of each campaign highlighting lessons learned for continuous improvement.
Project Results:
$602,500 Total Savings
95% Fulfilment Rate
Average Time to Hire 5 Weeks
47 Employees Onboarded since March 2021

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